Our Story

Mission:  Autism 2 Tower provides early autism awareness and life changing empowerment skills teaching self confidence and self sustainability while providing the ultimate sensory friendly environment retreat for our love ones impacted by sensory disabilities such as autism or any sensory processing disorder. 

Autism 2 Tower was founded September of 2020 by Karl Coles from The Ohio State University.  Karl Coles was 3 year starter on the offensive line for The Ohio State Buckeyes and earned his Bachelor of Science degree in 1990.  Karl Coles has 2 beautiful children Chantelle and Cayson whom are dear to his heart.  Cayson was born at 21 weeks and spent 128 days in the St Joseph's Nyicu.  Cayson has sensory processing disorder and received his autism (ASD) diagnosis when he was 4.   Karl Coles founded Autism 2 Tower LLC in 2020 to give and make an impact to the autism community and to give autism a true voice.  Autism 2 Tower LLC has a goal to develop the ultimate sensory friendly environmental retreat called Autism 2 Tower Sensory Retreat.   
The Autism 2 Tower Sensory Retreat will be a state of the art retreat using 100% green natural energies such as geothermal heating, solar, wind, wifi free zones, filtered well water and as well as 3 D technologies to create the ultimate sensory environment for our special love ones with disabilities. The Autism 2 Tower Sensory Retreat will be an life improving adventure with a friendly staff of Occupational, Speech, Physical and Listening Therapists and Autism Coaches and counselors to help with every aspect of our adventure while providing life improving skills for our love ones and family members with sensory disabilities. Everyday Autism 2 Tower LLC works hard to make our world a better place. A contribution today can make a big difference tomorrow.  Your support helps us financially but also reminds us of your deep commitment to our cause.

Thank You

Autism 2 Tower LLC
"Embracing The Beautiful Minds of Autism"